2-Inclusion and social and gender digital divide


Nombre: Ezra Nhampoca
Origen: Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
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Nombre: Estefania Cano Belén
Origen: Universidad de Granada
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Despite the rapid and important global advances in digitisation processes and the merits of social inclusion that this brings, especially in the more developed countries, Africa in general and particularly that situated south of the Sahara and more specifically for women in this geographical part, continues to face major challenges in terms of access to the Internet and, consequently, in the effective implementation of a whole package of digitization processes. This problem increases in magnitude when it comes to women\’s access to digitalization, since they continue to have the least access to schooling, financial power to purchase internet data, among other impediments. In this context, the main aim of this panel is to discuss this issue, bringing to the debate strategies and practices for the social and digital inclusion of women in sub-Saharan Africa. The debate required in this panel should revolve around the following questions: i) what progress has been made in recent years with regard to access to and/or acquisition of quality internet data and digital literacy for women in African countries south of the Sahara? ii) what challenges are currently being faced in order for women in African countries south of the Sahara to actually have access to digitalization processes, so that this becomes a form of social and gender inclusion and not just another factor of exclusion?


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