8-Exploring Digital Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa


Nombre: Dr Davide Casciano
Origen: University of Leuven
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An intricate and multifaceted concept, digital sovereignty is gaining prominence within Sub-Saharan Africa’s digital landscape. This concept refers to the ability of nation-states to control and manage their digital infrastructures, data, and content. However, its interpretations vary because of diverse socio-political, cultural, economic, and historical circumstances. Established models, such as those in the Western World and China, offer diverse ideals from which Sub-Saharan Africa’s strategies may differ. Furthermore, diverse approaches may coexist within the same country, subject to negotiation among actors.

The panel invites submissions scrutinising the evolving meanings and approaches to digital sovereignty. Additionally, we seek detailed analyses of how digital sovereignty is conceptualised and implemented in local contexts. Specifically, we invite submissions that explore the following topics:

  •   Digital sovereignty and national development strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa
  •   The role of local communities, actors and civil society in shaping digital governance frameworks
  •   The impact of data sovereignty on privacy, freedom of expression, exchange, and data ownership
  •   The intersections of digital sovereignty with mobility, security, and social inequality
  •   The potential of regional cooperation to enhance digital sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Case studies depicting how digital sovereignty is experienced and negotiated are welcome, including those using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodological approaches.


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