1-Economies, digitalisation and empowerment


Nombre: Ane Sesma Gracia
Origen: Universidad de Granada
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Nombre: Agnes Kamya
Origen: Makerere University, Uganda
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The symposium on “Economy, Digitalization, and  Empowerment” will provide a platform for the presentation and discussion of quality research in the social sciences and humanities on how digital technologies can be harnessed to aid African women in their strategies for economic empowerment. This forum is proposed to increase our current understanding of the transformative potential of digital technologies in supporting women\’s strategies for economic and social autonomy as well as exploring avenues for future research and intervention.

Presentations may address, but are not limited to, the following topics/questions:

  1. Gender-Responsive Policies in the Digital Era: How are governments and industry creating an enabling environment for women\’s economic empowerment in the digital age? How effective are the existing policies and regulatory frameworks in promoting gender equality in the digital economy?
  2. Digital Platforms and Women\’s Economic Agency: What role do digital platforms play in providing economic agency to women? What are the important challenges and success stories of women entrepreneurs leveraging digital technologies?
  3. Digital Education for Women: What initiatives exist that equip women with digital skills for active participation in the workforce? What is the nature and impact of educational programs on women\’s empowerment in the digital age?
  4. Access to Digital Technologies: What strategies are in place to increase equal access to digital tools and resources for women in different regions and how effective are they in increasing women’s economic empowerment?
  5. Social and Cultural Impacts: What are some of the societal and cultural implications of women\’s participation in digital economies? What are some of the strategies for addressing cultural barriers to women\’s empowerment in the digital space?
  6. Collaborations and Partnerships: What partnerships exist between government, private sector, and civil society to enhance women\’s economic empowerment? What other successful collaboration models that have positively impacted women in the digital economy?
  7. How can we measure impact and Success Stories: What are some success stories of women who have achieved empowerment through digital initiatives?

These subthemes will create a comprehensive and engaging symposium panel that covers various aspects of the intersection between economies, digitalization, women, and empowerment in Africa.


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