9-Knowledge dissemination and digital entrepreneurship


Nombre: Estefanía Calcines Pérez
Origen: Casa África
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Nombre: German Santana Pérez
Origen: Universidad de Las Palmas
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The digital transformation in Africa has created an environment conducive to the dissemination of knowledge and the flourishing of digital entrepreneurship. In this diverse and dynamic continent, knowledge sharing has become a key catalyst for empowerment and socio-economic development. Through various digital platforms, access to information has been democratised, enabling communities to actively participate in the global economy.
Digital transformation drives the creativity and innovation of young entrepreneurs who harness emerging technologies to address local challenges with scalable solutions. From mobile applications for precision agriculture to e-commerce platforms that connect local producers to global markets, digital entrepreneurship is transforming traditional sectors and generating new opportunities for jobs and economic growth across the region.
However, significant challenges remain on the road to effective knowledge diffusion and sustainable digital entrepreneurship in Africa.
With this panel discussion, we aim to learn about innovative strategies and good practices to strengthen both knowledge diffusion and digital entrepreneurship in Africa. It seeks to generate a constructive dialogue that inspires concrete actions to drive digital transformation and promote inclusive and sustainable development across sub-Saharan Africa.
Social transformation focuses this panel to generate proposals and alternatives against the digital divide, and to face technological changes with the least possible disruptive impact. This panel aims to contribute to the debate and reflection on efforts to ensure that digital innovation processes offer an inclusive and integrating reality.
We are committed to social integration, interculturality, inclusive social development, the promotion of reading and the exchange of knowledge that enriches us professionally and personally to improve our work and our social actions. One of the objectives of this panel is to learn about innovative and inspiring initiatives generated from the African continent in these sectors.

Fostering mutual knowledge, promoting networking and opening lines of collaboration with African countries and actors are part of the interest of this panel. All communications in this sense are welcome.


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