5-Business and trade in a digital key


Nombre: Estelia Mwanbene
Origen: University of Dar es Salaam
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Nombre: Gemma M. González García
Origen: Universidad de Granada
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In the context of Sub-Saharan Southern Africa, the digitization of businesses and trade emerges as a key factor in addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities in the region. Entrepreneurs, in particular, play a crucial role in this transformation by adopting digital technologies to enhance efficiency, expand their reach, and diversify their services. Women entrepreneurs are also emerging as significant players in the digital economy. Digitization provides women with opportunities to overcome traditional barriers and actively participate in diverse business sectors.

Several crucial aspects are associated with digitization, including its impact on business and trade activities, challenges and opportunities for Africa’s digital and socio-economic transformation, access to business services for populations, and the social and gender digital divide.

This panel focuses on exploring the impacts and challenges of digitization on business and trade activities. It aims to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by digitalization in this African region, offering insights that contribute to the broader context of the global digital society.

Suggestions may focus on the following issues:

  • Challenges and opportunities for Africa’s digital transformation
    • What specific challenges do businesses in Sub-Saharan Southern Africa face during the digitization process, and how can these challenges be addressed?
  • Access to business services:
    • How has digitization improved access to business services for different segments of the population in Sub-Saharan Southern Africa? Are there examples of businesses that have successfully utilized digital platforms to reach wider audiences and provide services to underserved communities?
  • Impact on social and gender divide:
    • What evidence exists regarding the impact of digitization on reducing or exacerbating the social and gender digital divide in the region?
  • Socio-economic implications of digitalization:
    • How does the digitization of businesses and trade activities influence employment patterns in Sub-Saharan Southern Africa?
    • Are there concerns or opportunities related to the integration of traditional and digital economies, and how are policymakers addressing these issues?
  • Digitalization and trade dynamics:
    • What changes have been observed in trade dynamics within the region due to increased digitization, and how have these changes impacted local and international trade partnerships?


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