4-Mobile money and digital financial strategies


Nombre: Francois Seck-Fall
Origen: University of Toulouse
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Financial inclusion, which refers to access and use of quality financial products and services, is essential for inclusive growth and poverty reduction. Individuals who have access to financial services find it easier to face certain common challenges of life and entrepreneurship. Households that have access to financial services are more inclined to invest in education and health or even to use preventive financial services such as insurance services. This is why financial inclusion is a major concern in development policies today. In sub-Saharan African countries, it is a central element of the agenda of political powers and development partners. However, despite the progress made in recent years to increase financial inclusion, we note that the lack of access to financial services continues to be an obstacle to improving the socio-economic conditions of populations, especially women. Furthermore, in recent years we have witnessed an unprecedented development of digital solutions to increase financial inclusion. In this context, it seems important to understand the factors that really hinder the financial inclusion of poor categories and women and the possibilities offered by this new digital solutions to further facilitate access and use of financial services. In this session, the various contributions will seek to address the following questions: What are the factors that hinder access to and use of financial services among low-income populations, and more specifically among women? How can digital finance solutions overcome such barriers? What are the factors driving the adoption of digital financial solutions? How do these digital financial solutions contribute to building more gender-inclusive financial systems? What are the real impacts of digital finance on access to and use of financial services, and on women\’s empowerment?


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